Why you should choose a wood watch from Teaktimes?

Today everybody has wearable technolgy like smartphones, smartbands and so on. But many men see the watch as their only accessory they want to wear.
But we know, all smartwatches, chronometers, sportwatches look very similar after a time. They look generic, sterile – we can say boring.
So a wood watch adds a classic style with a unique look and a natural touch to your style. While you spent many hundreds or thousand dollars for a Rolex, a wooden watch draws more attention to yourself and you will receive constant comments.
This is just a sample reason to have a wood watch but here we go with more:
  1. Most unique style

Craftmanship and natural watch are creating a unique watch. You won’t find a second watch like yours. The nature is variety and the wood is today not the same as yesterday. The color, structure, shape, almost the direction changes after time. It’s impossible to create a second watch identical like the first.


  1. Environment friendly

Wood is renewable compared to metal or plastics. All over the world trees are growing and it won’t run out of wood. The first source anyway is the wood waste for the wooden watches.


  1. Wooden watches are rare

If you wear a wood watch, you wear something unnormal, uncommon and unique that adds a touch of classic to your style. You will get comments like „Oh, it’s really wood?“. It doesn’t matter if they order the same watch, it’s not identical to yours.


  1. Recycled wood

Mostly wood watches are created from recylcled or waisted sources of wood. We prevent the wasteful disposal of old wood from demolition or destruction and further, we create unique stories for you with it.


  1. Chemicalfree

A watch touches your skin. Always. Your skin absorbes whatever is close to it. Our wood watches are chemical-free and only made with nontoxic materials. Thanks to improved crafting processes and better finish formulas, buying a wooden watch doesn’t have to involve health hazards.

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